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Trumpet lessons near me? Learn to play trumpet with online trumpet lessons. Practice routines are emailed in pdf format, and audio/visual aids can be shared the same way making this a highly effective method of study. Trumpet lessons on Skype, Zoom, Facetime or Teams are a practical and effective way of learning to play the trumpet from the comfort of your own home. All trumpet lessons are live, one to one and customised just for you whether you are a beginner trumpet player, a returning player or a pro looking for guidance. Read the blog here and discover why so many people are reaping the benefits of online trumpet lessons. P.S you can also get lessons in many other brass instruments - it's just that trumpet is the best :) See the reviews below to find out what students think about their online trumpet lessons. 


Trumpet Gym

Trumpet Gym is a trumpet method aimed at complete beginners. It consists of worksheets, with detailed explanations, intended to be played daily from the very first time you pick up a trumpet, for at least eight weeks. Focussing on the physical elemets of trumpet playing necessary to build strength, these exercises will ensure that you develop a technique which is sound, and will enable you to progress with your new skill. Trumpet Gym is available in a spiral bound print copy through this site, and in through all of the main retailers. 

Style it Out - Treble Clef Brass Studies

Style It Out consists of 13 original tunes written specifically with brass players in mind

These unaccompanied melodies provide opportunity for the player to practice working with articulation, expression and dynamics, in order to develop skills in musicianship that go beyond playing the right note at the right time. The pieces are presented in an approximate order of difficulty, but can be chosen in any order that best matches the skills the player is trying to develop.