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  1. Choosing an instrument can be a bit of a minefield, as you will begin to understand if you have already read my articles about buying new, and second hand instruments. I have deliberately not touched on the subject of plastic instruments in those posts because they deserve a feature all by themselves.

    The popularity of plastic instruments has exploded in recent years with the introduction of the pBone (trombone) and later pTrumpet, as well as copies of varying quality by other brands, varieties including plastic cornets and flugelhorns, and the instrument of very dubious worth, the Pbuzz!

    Shop for plastic trumpets here.

  2. If you have decided to invest in a brand new instrument from a retailer, the considerations are quite different to those relevant to buying used. We can immediately rule out instrument faults and imperfections, because new purchases are covered by guarantee. So, I'm going to talk about which brands, models and retailers I would consider.

    If you already have a good relationship with an independent music store in your town, then of course - go and talk with them about your requirements, but as high street stores are getting rarer, I am going to recommend GEAR4MUSIC online (click the text for link). They stock a decent range of instruments across all departments, and their service and advice is spot on. 

    For advice about brands and modes... keep reading: