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  1. Choosing the right brass instrument isn't that difficult: if you know what you are doing! To an extent, all of the usual 'buyer beware' rules that apply to any purchase - apply here:

    • If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.
    • If the seller has lots of complaints - leave it alone.
    • If there is no visible address from your home country, and landline number ... beware

    etc etc etc ... but there are additional things to look out for when buying a trumpet or similar, and here is my guide to not being dissapointed:

  2. I get asked so often for advice about buying instruments, and it is a bit of a minefield. It wasn't, up until around the last ten years or so, because there were not really any bad instruments on the market, it was simply a matter of choice and budget. However, in recent years, cheap rubbish has flooded the market and it is now perfectly possible to spend your hard earned cash on a shiny heap of junk that is not fit for purpose. The real frustration to me, is that with a keen eye, you can buy a fantastic used instrument, at a fraction of the price of the new trash described above!

    Look out for other posts about buying second hand instruments and buying brand new instruments..... watch this space :)